Hello World!

This is our very first post on behalf of the Mbiame New Vision Community! Da!


2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Mbiame New Vision have just sign a contract with C2D ACEFA and the association is now recieving supportive councilling from ACEFA after which the group projects will be dran for sponsorship by ACEFA. mbiame new vision is equally acepting intermational students wanting to carry out intenship programs in Cameroon and also those who are interested in volunteering for the association. the association now offer courses on agricultural diversity, entrepreneurship, the culture of Nso in general and that of Mbiame in particular, animal production, rural development. we are fighting against the following 1. youth unemployment 2. illitracy 3. HIV AIDs, stigmatisation and descrimination, 4. terrorism, 5. child traficking and all the issues related to human right abuse. for more information dail the telephone number; 00237655487374 or 00237655206025 or 00237676392661 or 00237694921934 .

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