Noah Skocilich

Bio: born 13 June 1977 in Eureka, CA

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Mbiame New Vision will be having it annual evaluation meeting on the 28th of December 2014 in their head office situated at Rifem Mbiame,
    the agenda shall be as follows
    – opening prayer
    – a talk from the association president
    – evaluation of activities
    – drawing up of calendar for the year 2015
    – presentation of ideas related to development of rural areas
    -a talk from the grazer/ farmer representative
    – closing remarks


  2. I am Michael Ambe Ngwa, a Cameroonian based in Limbe, South West Region. I
    am the founder and president of Green and Better World, an association
    based in Cameroon. Our primary activities involve Youth activities ,
    environmental protection,agriculture, fighting against climate change and
    global warming etc. As secondary activities, we are produce natural wine
    from fruits such as mangoes, pineapples and water melon.
    we are also pleading if you can help us financially and materially
    for us to organise the International Youth Day Celebration on August 12
    2015, We also participated in Global Youth Service day from April 17 to19
    My association wishes to partner with your organization. We look forward to
    discussing the terms of the partnership.

    Should you require further information concerning my association, please
    feel free to contact me at +237 675 167 964 / +237 698 660 805 or through
    this email address.


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